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Reasons to Join

Be A Part Of A Holistic Support System And Community For You And Your Career!


MEFA members benefit from the collective knowledge, intellectual prowess, and applied experiences of professionals who want to expand and ensure the visibility, influence, and future prospects for minority academicians, scholars, and practitioners in marketing and related fields.  



Find Guidance

Obtain much-needed support -- find guidance from members who bring a culturally relevant perspective on how you can achieve success, pursue excellence, and manage the political and social dynamics and minimize professional missteps. 



Become a Resident Expert

Enlighten peers on topics of professional, research, and social issues of personal interest to you [or that lack attention in traditional mainstream outlets].



Be Part of A Community

Find a sense of community that allows you to exhale, connect, and seek guidance on issues that specific to your personal needs. Get rid of the perceived isolation -- you are not alone, even if it feels that way!



Stay Informed

Obtain updates on developments in teaching, scholarship, tenure and promotion, industry collaborations, and consulting opportunities that can help promote MEFA and the professional interests of MEFA members.  

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