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Commitment Deadline:

April 12, 2021

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Studio Spotlights aims to create a close connection between marketing and advertising professionals and those teaching and studying the industry at colleges and universities. For corporate sponsors, it's an exciting opportunity to connect with the true marketing classroom product influencers. For university sponsors, this is a special chance to support the best and brightest diverse talent in the marketing academy. MEFA membership spans more than 100 colleges and universities across the nation. Connect with this growing network through one of our sponsorships below.”

Here’s your opportunity to further support and engage with Marketing Ethnic Faculty Association mission to support diverse marketing academic talent leading to more diverse marketing classrooms and future professionals.

Sponsorship funding will contribute to professional development grants for MEFA members.

Grants like these provide MEFA members with research agenda support, participation in academic conferences, and the ability to fund broader community education activities. All of these activities can often be costly endeavors not covered by a professor’s academic institution. Grant funds have been limited during the pandemic, but professional development is necessary for career advancement.

MEFA intends to help fill the void with your support.

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- Founding Sponsor benefits are active for 2021 and 2022 conferences

- Includes all Platinum Sponsor benefits



- Includes all Gold Sponsor benefits

- Sponsor spotlight video in program

- Professor contact information for direct follow-up opportunities

- Spotlight on conference website



- Includes all Silver Sponsor benefits

- Direct contact with membership for recruitment opportunities.

- Closing thank you to sponsors



- Supporting the professional development and advancement of Marketing Ethnic Faculty Association members

- Branding on all marketing materials and day-of event platform



- Supporting the professional development and advancement of Marketing Ethnic Faculty Association members

- Listed on our day-of materials as a Golden Contributor

Did you know that most professors have to rely on outside funding to conduct the research needed to stay employed, get promotions advance the field, and remain active in the academic community? Academic researchers have lost significant external and university research funding opportunities to the tune of $10,000+ per project. Help keep MEFA members’ important work going with your contribution today.

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The Marketing Ethnic Faculty Association (MEFA) is a professional membership organization founded in 2008 to service and support the diverse needs of minority marketing academics and researchers. All proceeds from the event will go directly MEFA in order to raise funds for member research, faculty support and advancement. Advancement into faculty leadership and administration means more influence on curriculum, hiring, and student/faculty programs.

MEFA is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.
Tax ID # 32-0209901
-Deductibility code: PC (public charity)
Submit donation level and donations to Marketing Ethnic Faculty Association: PayPal
MEFA Fundraising Chair-Amber Chenevert, PhD

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