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The Marketing Ethnic Faculty Association (MEFA) is a professional membership organization which was created in 2008 to create a forum to service and support the diverse needs of minority marketing academics and researchers. Whether you are an academic or practitioner, we welcome all professionals who hold a terminal degree in marketing or related fields.





The mission of the Marketing Ethnic Faculty Association (MEFA) is to promote the professional/career development of under-represented ethnic faculty* in marketing and related business disciplines.  Members of the Association accept the responsibilities of working to achieve the following goals:


  • To expand communication, collaboration and collegiality among Association members and colleagues in marketing and related business disciplines.                                                                       

  • To advance knowledge and educational opportunities that enhance marketing scholarship, expertise and skills.

  • To provide supportive networks of individuals based on shared teaching, research or other professional interests in the field.                                                                                                    

  • To support the PhD Project and other organizations in the field that seek to increase the recruitment and retention of under-represented ethnic faculty in marketing and related business disciplines.                                                                                                                                   

  • To establish and maintain relationships with other organizations in the field that increase the awareness, understanding and appreciation of marketing scholarship and other contributions of Association members and colleagues.

  • To encourage research and understanding that broaden the discipline of marketing by building upon the scholarship of Association members and colleagues in marketing and related disciplines.         

  • To foster greater awareness and appreciation of racial, ethnic and cultural diversity in Business Schools and other higher education institutions.


*Includes primarily individuals of African American, Hispanic and Native American heritage.


MEFA works to encourage and support its members with career development, guidance, research collaborations, funding support, networking opportunities and more! 


MEFA believes in empowering its members to be their best and use their talents to be of service to the field and the global community!


MEFA works to elevate and promote its members and their research through our branded communications channels,  media relationships, and industry collaborations.  

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