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Amber Chenevert, Ph.D.


Sponsorship Laison

Director of Strategy, VMLY&R

New York University



Dr. Amber M. Chenevert is the Director of Strategy for the global advertising agency, VMLY&R, in New York City. Dr. Chenevert is a professionally trained brand strategist who considers her knack for marketplace storytelling an asset to her current research. Her working papers involve understanding how consumers, marketers, advertisers, and other media decision makers inform consumption under both the business-to-business and business-to-consumer conditions. Dr. Chenevert holds Ph.D. in Advertising from The University of Texas at Austin; a M.A. in Advertising from Syracuse University; and a B.S. in Marketing from Hampton University. Dr. Chenevert's research consider how managers’ beliefs and perceptions influence B2B/B2C research insights, relationships, as well as marketplace diversity and inclusion. Key topic areas as it relates to marketplace diversity and inclusion involve marketing management, relationship marketing, homophily, in-group/out-group dynamics, and new business development.

As PhD Project/MDSA Liason for MEFA, Dr. Chenevert works between the PhD Project planning committee, the Marketing Doctoral Student Association, and the Board of Directors to facilitate the Annual Marketing Ethnic Faculty Association/PhD Project Alumni Association Conference. The PhD Project Liaison is responsible for attending all planning meetings and reporting minutes back to the Board of Directors.

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